Hello blogosphere,

I’m Emillia (not my real name 🙂 )a food and book obsessed fourteen year old girl from Cornwall.

I’m hoping that you’ve just stumbled across my little corner of the internet, and clicked on the ‘about’ page to see who on earth I am, and not some creepy stalker who’s trying to find out ever last detail about me to track me down and then either kidnap or kill me. I read wayyy to many books. hehehe

Ever since I can remember I’ve had the urge to write a blog, so yeah… here I am 🙂

For a while I was struggling to come up with a theme, I guess I just had too many ideas, so in the end I decided to create a theme less blog, filled with my messed up thoughts and ramblings.

I’ll try and post as often as possible.

I hope you enjoy joining me on my ‘blogging journey’, and that we can become great friends.

Emillia Xxx